• April 23, 2016
  • By Heather Wood
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Hooray for awards!


I'm thrilled to learn that SPENCER'S WONDROUS WISH Empowered Learning Program has received the awards and recognition it so deserves.

First, the music CD... I have to say, I called this a success the very first time I listened to it. In short, it's fabulous. Ten original songs, masterfully written and produced, relate back to the 10 Themes in the program but stand beautifully on their own. Any child would be inspired to join along with these smart, catchy songs, and I'm glad the greater world—as well as Parent's Choice Foundation and Creative Child magazine—agree, making it a 2015 Award Finalist and 2015 CD of the Year!


Next, the Empowered Learning Program itself is a wonder. So thorough yet expansive in scope, it can appeal to pre-verbal children as easily as those who are reading and writing on their own. The Association of American Publishers REVERE (Recognizing Valuable Educational Resources) Awards and Creative Child magazine felt the same, making it a 2015 Awards Finalist and Educational Product of the Year.


Well done, Proudtree!


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